Catch up time!

We’ve been a bit slack at keeping the website up to date this year, so it’s time for a bit of a catch up. The start of the British Autograss season  was a little confusing: poor weather forced the postponement of round one, and then round two was cancelled and swapped with round five, except that the postponed round one was rescheduled to become the new round five… well, you see what we mean.

Anyway, things are well underway now and, in the middle of a good (if slightly wet) season of racing, we have published three issues of Supergrass, 12/2 in July, 12/3 in August and 12/4 earlier in September. You can subscribe to Supergrass from the links on the right, or buy a copy of the current issue. If you want one of the previous issues, use the ‘current issue’ link and use the ‘notes to seller’ space in PayPal to tell us which issue you’d like.

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